Oakville Senior Dog & Cat Care

At Oakville Animal Clinic, we know your senior pet has been a long-term member of your family who deserves to be treated with love and respect. Our veterinary practice provides gentle and efficient services to protect the health and well-being of your elderly furry loved ones. We are an experienced team devoted to keeping your beloved geriatric cats and dogs on the right path for a happy and healthy twilight years.

We proudly serve the seniors pets living in our local community with accurate diagnostics, gentle care, and treatments tailored to their needs. Our practice features a skilled staff, an in-house laboratory, and modern tools to ensure your pet receives the precise care and attention they need. Let us provide reliable services for your geriatric cats and dogs, guided by our caring bedside manner and devoted pursuit of animal wellness. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment!


What Is Senior Cat & Dog Care?

Pets age rapidly, and their health needs change with them. It can greatly benefit their well-being if you keep yourself updated on their changing bodies and behaviors over the years. Our veterinary team focuses their attention and energy on the illnesses and concerns your senior pet may face in their advancing years. We tailor all services to your pet's unique situation by running thorough physical checks, observing their internal health using x-rays and ultrasounds, as well as taking detailed blood tests. This helps our team determine which of our many services is the best choice for their needs.

Our comprehensive pet care for geriatric dogs and cats includes:

Our Modern & Compassionate Approach

Our goal is to help your pets enjoy their golden years with pain and discomfort in check. If caught early, many issues or complications can be easily managed with the help of our modern veterinary technology and tailor-made treatment plans. We aim to keep your senior pets feeling relaxed when in our gentle care as we work to uncover any issues before swiftly treating them.

Our thorough examinations and helpful counseling will carefully evaluate and manage your senior pet's hearing, vision, arthritis, weight management, pain management, and mobility issues. We can perform a wide array of surgical procedures suited for senior pets once they've received blood tests indicating they are healthy enough to undergo a successful surgery and sedation.

We know that nutrition is a significant factor in your senior pet's health and well-being. Our knowledgeable team provides accurate dietary counseling to help your geriatric cats and dogs receive the balanced meals they need to be at their best while avoiding allergies.

Geriatric Dog & Cat Care FAQs

As a caring pet owner, you're doing your senior animals a great service by helping them receive the care they need to transition gracefully into their golden years. Our friendly and knowledgeable veterinary team is ready to address any questions and concerns you have upon your arrival at our office. Some frequently asked questions regarding senior pet care include:

When does a pet become "old"?

Cats and dogs are generally considered geriatric at the age of 7, but this number can vary. Larger animals generally have a shorter lifespan and are considered to be geriatric at age 6.

Senior pets are similar to puppies and kittens as they are at higher risk for medical conditions like diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and other chronic illnesses due to their weaker immune systems. Regular checkups and dietary modifications can go a long way in helping your senior pet enjoy long and comfortable elder years. Many geriatric cats and dogs experience regular discomfort and pain that requires special treatment and medication.

Going for walks and playing on a regular basis can help their body and mind stay healthy as they age. We also recommend buying food that is formulated for senior pets to give them the proper nutritional boost they need to be strong and present.

Trusted Oakville Senior Dog & Cat Services

At Oakville Animal Clinic, we provide comprehensive senior pet services to keep them healthy and by your side for years to come. We boast years of experience helping geriatric cats and dogs stay stress-free and comfortable in our care. Our procedures are backed by modern techniques and efficient technology to help detect and manage issues before they have a chance to severely impact your pet. We are dedicated to improving their quality of life and extending their years by providing tender, respectful care with the compassion they deserve.

We are always prepared to welcome you and your adorable elderly furry friends into our clean, high-tech office. Our team provides Oakville geriatric dog and cat services to help their twilight years be full of comfort and joy. Contact us today to find out more about our senior pet care services!